November 5, 2021

I first came across Seething Akira with the debut release of Sleepy Skeletor when they were a new and unsigned band but were already creating a big buzz with their intense energy levels and supercharged gigs. They were a band very much a work in progress but everything seemed to be just about in the right place and the debut showed a sort of post-rock/math rock hybrid with complex musical structures and all supplied with Beastie Boys rap type vocals and a distinct ‘fuck you’ attitude; they seemed far most of a US inspired band than one from the South coast of England. Seething Akira had that brutal Dillinger Escape Plan attitude and approach and the intense, in your face rap attack that would not be appreciated by all but the band had to be true to its nature and they were making music as much for themselves as others. I remember particularly enjoying the guest vocals of Dani Uziel as she supplied a wonderful contrast to the voices of Charlie Bowes and Kit Conrad especially when at their most discordant.

The band has now signed with the FiXT label with Dysfunctional Wonderland being their new, second album which sees the band moving further into electro nu-core territory which moves them further out of my comfort zone but there is a huge audience out there just looking for the next big thing in nu-core and Seething Akira has as big a chance as anyone as they have the talents within the band and the delivery to make a real mark for themselves. The line up now is Kit Conrad (vocals), Charlie Bowes (vocals) and he is the producer too, Stu Radcliffe (drums), Richard Ellis (bass), Simon Williams (guitar) and John Corney (Guitar) and the delight in creating musical mayhem but, paradoxically, they can also play deft and pleasing metal tracks with traditional rock vocals and they do this really well. The band totally enjoys a challenge and keeps on pushing at the boundaries and will most probably gain two new listeners for every one that they lose but if you enjoy your nu-core, Dillinger Escape Plan and bands like The Streets then this will appeal greatly.

Seething Akira plays with a swagger and an attitude and are most definitely going to be successful but I’m not a fan of rap type vocals so it’s not really for me but others will find much to enjoy and delight in.

Dysfunctional Wonderland

  1. Knock Off God (3:58)
  2. Ded (3:56)
  3. Gravity (4:09)
  4. Superluminal (4:06)
  5. Dysfunctional Wonderland (4:21)
  6. Lucid Dream (feat. Stu Sarre) (3:48)
  7. You’ne Not Very Nice (4:41)
  8. The Fallen (3:16)
  9. Kenneth Dopeland (3:51)
  10. Dear Hazel (4:36)