February 17, 2022

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Vermilion Eclipse, the stunning new album by Brazilian metallers Semblant. Out on 15th April, a first single and video from it entitled Purified is available from today.

Their second full-length effort for Frontiers, but fourth overall, Vermilion Eclipse sees Semblant continue their evolution into a powerful musical force hard to pin down to any one categorisation. With wide-ranging influences straddling the entire rock and metal spectrum, Semblant are at once wholly unique yet entirely familiar.

“We never thought it would be possible for us to make an album entirely remotely while we were each stuck at home during the pandemic,” states co-vocalist Mizuho Lin. “It was different. It was intense. The process of producing the album had an even more amazing synergy between us as a band and our old friend and producer Adair Daufembach. I’m so excited by this album and I can’t wait to release it.”

With their last album, Obscura (2020), Semblant began to truly flex their musical muscle and show that they are more than ready for the world stage. Having already received praise from the international metal community with 2014’s Lunar Manifesto, which included the singles What Lies Ahead, Dark Of The Day and Incinerate that collectively have received over 30 million views on YouTube, Obscura showcased a band that had subsequently made massive forward strides in both sound and presentation. Songs such as Mere Shadow, Murder Of Crows and Dethrone The Gods, Control The Masters were just a few examples of just how far they had developed.

Geared up and ready to promote Obscura on the road, the pandemic then halted their plans for world domination. Grounded in Brazil and unable to tour Europe and the US as planned, they instead began work as soon as it was practical to do so on what would become Vermilion Eclipse. With pent-up energy and the emotional toll of the pandemic (multiple band members lost family to the virus) providing added impetus, their new songs and musical performances display a further quantum leap in their progress.

“We hope you guys love Vermilion Eclipse as much as we do,” adds co-vocalist Sergio Mazul. “I usually say this about each new album, but our hearts and dedication are truly present in this music. All the experiences we lived through during the pandemic and all the moments where we kept ourselves locked in our studios focused on creating this music are finally in song form and reaching out to your hearts and souls. This album is an emotional breaking point. Over the course of making it, we lost family members, one of us is celebrating the news of our first child being on the way, and we helped each other to keep our minds healthy and strong as best we could during this insane time. This is all reflected in the record.”

Along with the stunning music, fans who pick up a physical copy of Vermilion Eclipse will rewarded with a majestic visual delight. The cover artwork has been created by the Greek artist Giannis Nakos from Remedy design (Evergrey, Amaranthe, The Agonist), while the interior booklet designs were conceived by Carlos Fides from Artside Digital Studio (Shaman, Edu Falaschi, Icon of Sin).

Semblant formed in 2006 in Curitiba, Brazil when singer Sergio Mazul and keyboardist J. Augusto joined forces to create music that featured all the dark and aggressive elements they appreciated and loved in metal music. After a few years of rotating line-ups, they established themselves with the addition of Mizuho Lin (female vocals), Juliano Ribeiro (guitar), Welyntom ‘Thor’ Sikora (drums) and Johann Piper (bass) to complete what is a truly formidable sextet.

Vermillion Eclipse

  1. 1  Enrage
  2. 2  Destiny In Curse
  3. 3  Purified
  4. 4  The Human Eclipse
  5. 5  Somber Concern
  6. 6  The Neverending Fall
  7. 7  Through The Denial
  8. 8  Black Sun Genesis (Legacy Of Blood Pt.Vi)
  9. 9  Heretic
  10. 10  Bloodred Monarch (Legacy Of Blood Pt.Vii)
  11. 11  Gaslighting
  12. 12  Day One Oblivion

Mizuho Lin – vocals
Sergio Mazul – vocals
Juliano Ribeiro – guitar
J. ‘Guto’ Augusto – keyboards
Johann Piper – bass
Welyntom ‘Thor Sikora – drums

SEMBLANT online:

Official Website