March 11, 2023
Photo: Mark Latham Photography.

South Yorkshire, UK quintet Servers return to action in May with their epic fourth album The Vertical Plane.

The follow-up to 2019’s Ad Nauseum sees Servers continue their ominous journey and exploration into the metaphysical psyche, backed with a musical assault of apocalyptic riffs, thunderous melodies, weird electronica, and insanely dark but infectious hooks.

Recorded with frontman Lee Storrar’s long-term production visionary Matt Ellis (Massive Wagons, Black Spiders,Terrorvision) at Axis Studios, Doncaster, The Vertical Plane was mastered by Jason Sanderson (Scott Sorry/ The Wildhearts, The Mirimar Disaster).

The album also welcomes new guitarist Will Price to the fold, joining when the band began the album writing process during 2021, and adding, says Storrar, some exceptional guitar wizardry to the sound and a new dimension to the band’s song-writing.

The Vertical Plane lifts its title from the infamous 1985 Dodleston mysteries – which focussed on an allegedly haunted BBC computer that started communicating with a teacher in archaic English. The incident occurred when Ken Webster and his girlfriend, Debbie, moved into a dilapidated 18th Century cottage in the Chester village. Pre-internet, the stories have baffled paranormal investigators for over 35 years. 

Lyrically, the album sees Storrar explore people’s relationships with religion, the esoteric and paranormal – topics which he’s touched upon throughout the band’s previous three albums – Leave With Us, Everything Is Okay, and the aforementioned Ad Nauseum

He says: “Following a mini confidence crisis – soon after leaving my career in the Fire Brigade –  I was trying to work out what the fuck life was all about. I tried going through Carl Jung‘s individuation process … it was fascinating but difficult … more importantly, it opened up a whole new world of wonderful people to me the likes of Schopenhaur and Nietzsche, but the most wonderful of all, and by far and away the man who’s had the biggest influence on me is Baruch Spinoza who’s provided me with a lot of answers. Whereas before I would identify as an atheist, I now consider myself an agnostic pantheist.  My delvings into philosophy have really helped me understand why people believe they need organised religion in their life. Life’s hard, and if believing in a sky daddy helps then go for it! Jung’s also taught me that I may well have been doing music all of my life for all the wrong reasons!”

Named after the Hebrew father of peace in the First Testament, opening track Absolom, which is available now sees Servers explore how monotheistic religions fail and fall at every level in the face of science, with its sole focus to offer people a comfort blanket to help people get through life.

Elsewhere, Storrar explains more thoughts behind the songs: “Try To Get Some Sleep is about how sleep paralysis was perceived historically …that the afflicted had a demon called The Old Hag sat on their chest in bed and that was the reason they were conscious but couldn’t move. Again, it’s indirectly a dig at religion as science is proving religion to be a man made flawed concept, just as ridiculous as a demon sitting on someone’s chest.

“Meanwhile, King of Nothing is a spiteful and vengeful dig at people who preach virtues from high and who hold material possessions in high esteem believing that they are the way to happiness; and Mother Of All Lies is about the Bible and how its been misused, misinterpreted and deviously interpolated for mass manipulation purposes over the years.”

The more eagle-eyed Servers fan may spot a continuation in the album titles thus far … the first letter from each album title spells the word ‘Leave’. “The plan was to spell LEAVE with the album titles …so it follows that the 5th and final album title will start with the letter E and at that point we will have spelt out leave and we’ll have left!” laughs Storrar

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Servers who launched with their critically acclaimed debut Leave With Us released on the Undergroove label.

The album marked a new career path for main man Lee Storrar who had previously fronted dirty rock ‘n’ rollers GU Medicine, releasing three albums, enjoying a BBC Radio One Rock Show session, and tours across the UK and Europe with Mondo Generator, Skid Row, My Ruin, Open Hand and Dirty Americans

Check out the video for new song Try To Get Some Sleep below.

The Vertical Plane

  1. Absolom
  2. Try To Get Some Sleep
  3. King Of Nothing
  4. Crimson Tide
  5. Here, There Everywhere
  6. Mother Of All Lies
  7. Despond To Despair
  8. Stranglehold
  9. You Still Come Willingly
  10. Incorruption


Lee Storrar – Vocals/ Guitar

Will Price – Guitar/ Vocals

Lee Wilde – Bass

Jamie Beaston – Guitar

Liam Power – Drums 

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