April 17, 2020

Velvet Thunder is proud and honoured to share in a world exclusive the brand new song and video for If This Virus Doesn’t Work (The Alien Invasion Will) by UK quartet SERVERS.

With the United Kingdom and many other territories around the planet in lock down due to the CORVID-19 crisis, the entire world been hit hard. The toll has been devastating, a human catastrophe that has not only affected health with 150,000 dead, millions of confirmed cases and the the planet has been broken economically on an unprecedented scale. The music industry has in effect been curtailed with huge swathes of albums put back and tours cancelled and postponed with considerable uncertainty for bands, labels and venues. Where there is chaos and darkness lies inspiration too and Velvet Thunder recently caught up with SERVERS guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Lee Storrar to get his take on the new song – which was mastered by David Draper – and the accompanying lyric video.

SERVERS (photo credit: Mark Latham)

“So this song has obviously been created as a result of being in lock down and as a direct reaction to what’s going on in the world right now,” says Lee. “SERVERS has always been of the opinion that we should question everything! We’re living in times where fact is becoming stranger than fiction. What if this virus is just another piece in a jigsaw designed to cause mass fear and panic, a long drawn out masterplan built to ultimately bring down the entire global economy and bring humanity to heel? And if this doesn’t fully work what comes next? What about a faux alien invasion? The technology is already available. Think about it!”

As Lee explains, the song was done in isolation and during the period of lock down. What is fitting for the new tune is the unsettling dissonance and feeling of urgency, a sense of disquiet and in-your-face distrust.

Check out the video below!

There is a free download of the new song at SERVERSBandcamp page.

SERVERS released their latest album Ad Nauseam in April 2019 followed by a few shows scattered throughout the year in support of the record that was well received by critics and fans alike. So what are the plans for the band beyond the new song?

SERVERS New bassist: Brad (photo credit Ben Fox-Lycett)

“Currently we’re working hard on material for the next album,” explains Lee. “If things go to form it should be out late 2021, ” explains Lee. “We have a new bass player in Brad – our former bassist Lee Wilde had to sadly leave leave due to work and family commitments which means, with the exception of me, its a complete new line up to that which played on Leave With Us [2014].” Lee confirms that as well as Brad, the line up is completed by Jamie Beatson on guitar and Liam Power on drums. As to to the direction of the new material, Lee gives us something of an insight. “The new songs are darker, heavier, nastier and more desolate sounding than recent output which is probably evident on If This Virus Doesn’t Work’. Of late I’ve been guilty of indulging my own, how can I say…? more melancholic type of song writing and imposing it on the others. The cure was to form a completely new band where I can satisfy those needs, paving the way for SERVERS to get back to the more bleak elements that were more prevalent on Leave With Us.”

Lee also confirms work on a new venture. “My new project has the working title of Leave Hope At The Door. We were just in the negotiation stage of sorting out some studio time to record a debut EP before this pandemic struck. Both that and Servers are exciting me a lot right now.”

Touring of course is difficult. With the current lockdown extended by the UK government for at least another three weeks, we all know that this virus is not going to disappear into thin air and this forces bands to make difficult choices as to planning live shows. “Live wise, we did have a few shows lined up in May, July and August but they’re looking doubtful now,” states Lee. “We don’t even know what the future on the other side of this even looks like for gig goers plus there’ll be massive demand on the dates available at the ever shrinking amount of venues.”

SERVERS: Lee Storrar ripping the world a new one

With that in mind it is easy to say that everything is bleak but there is another side to this, it will end at some point. There are lot of live music starved people out there that not only want to get their gig fill but want to welcome their favourite bands into their life and those that have something to say are even more welcome. Bleak it maybe but let it not be known that SERVERS sound even more vital in such circumstances and the new song may just hit a few raw nerves at the same time. Prepare to be served…

Check out the links below for further information on SERVERS. The latest album Ad Nauseam is available as well as limited copies of previous releases Leave With Us and Everything Is….Ok.


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