August 29, 2021

Seven Sisters is a band from London, which has been active since 2013. Both their eponymous debut and second album The Cauldron And The Cross were really convincing in mixing US speed metal with NWOBHM. For third full length Shadow Of A Fallen Star Pt. 1,coming out on October 22nd, the band’s rhythm section is completely renewed with Gareth Martin and Sammy Christou joining the founder duo of Kyle McNeill (guitars, vocals) and Graeme Farmer (guitars).

Even with a half-new line-up, the essence of Seven Sisters is untouched. After a much-too-long intro, Beyond The Black Stars is exactly what we have hoped for – masterful guitar harmonies and the unmistakable vocals of Kyle. The true strength of these songs, once again, is the amazing skill to introduce a melody that grasps the attention immediately and doesn’t demand repeated listens to be appreciated fully. It is all there: The Artifice, Horizon’s Eye, Whispers In The Dark – the album just flows so smoothly, with an atmosphere of its own. Seven Sisters are still capable of finding their own identity in an overcrowded scene, which, to sum up, is the ability to tell stories through their music and lyrics. The new album is amazing because it can be so easily experienced as a whole, there is a deep thought and a concept behind what these guys are doing. This is classic heavy metal of the British school, but it is also something different, introducing some classical guitar influences from the Euro scene, along with a tight, aggressive rhythm, closer to the US power metal style.

Wounds Of Design serves as the album’s epic ballad, with another display of fantastic guitar melodies, leading into the title track, which somehow reminds of the early Yngwie Malmsteen classics, with a touch of Seventh Son-era Maiden. Yes, it is THAT good! The closing epic Truth’s Burden is another masterclass in tasteful, beautiful guitars and vocals, creating a melancholic, fantasy-drenched soundscape – an absolute pleasure for the senses and a classy finish of the album. The great cover artwork by Ryan T. Hancock completes the experience in a great way. Nowadays, it is harder and harder to listen to something new, that actually introduces originality, fresh ideas and an authentic touch, that can be distinguished among hundreds of other releases. One could recognize a Seven Sisters song within the first minute, and this is really something the band can be proud of. Shadow Of A Fallen Star Pt. 1 is an essential metal album and a top 5 highlight in 2021.


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