February 26, 2020

This is the first album by this hard hitting American rock band Seven Spires on the Frontiers label, but their actual second release following on from Solveig which was released in 2017 after a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. The band comprises vocalist and keyboard player Adrienne Cowan, Jack Kosto on guitar, Peter de Reyna on bass and Chris Dovas on drums and is a female fronted melodic metal band with a leaning towards death and gothic metal. Adrienne Cowan is making something of a name for herself and has already been picked up by musician/engineer/producer Sascha Paeth (he mixed this album as well) for his Masters Of Ceremony project and as a touring vocalist with Avantasia. In fact, I was blown away by her when reviewing the Masters Of Ceremony CD and wrote of her at the time ‘the most striking component of the team is the American female vocalist Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires) as she is totally amazing with her delivery somewhere between Geddy Lee, Brian Johnson and Suzi Quatro and she has as powerful a set of lungs as you are ever as likely to hear!’

It is great to hear her on her own album and she still impresses with her incredible talent and her vocals which range from deep and dark death growls to the soaring and moving angelic tones.  Emerald Seas is a heavy metal album with symphonic overtones that is mainly dark and melancholic taking on elements of gothic and doom metal yet, paradoxically, soaring and spectacular as the heavy riffing and widely ranging vocals work so well together. I’m not sure how Cowan manages to produce such contrasting sounds, and I prefer the sweet angelic side to the devilishly deep growls, but they do work well especially when sung over each other. They have a growing reputation as a fine stadium/festival band and I can see how they would do well at a heavy metal gathering as they cover so many styles, and this gives them such an advantage as they cover so many bases. Seven Spires is another band sure to build a fine reputation in years to come.