April 1, 2023

Seven Spires is a female fronted metal band from Boston, US which was formed in 2013 by the guitarist Jack Kosto and vocalist Adrienne Cowan who were both at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music. The band covers a variety of styles including progressive, dark symphonic, death and even a touch of Goth metal and they swap and change with aplomb so you simply do not know what is going to come next. Seven Spires has released three albums to date with the independent Solveig coming out in 2017 which led to a collaboration with the Frontiers label; Emerald Seas in 2020 and rapidly followed by Gods Of Debauchery the following year.

The line-up is completed by Peter de Reyna on bass and Chris Dovas on drum with Cowan also doubling up on keyboards/orchestration. Adrienne Cowan is an artist on an upward curve as she continues to carve out an impressive career which had also seen her working with Sascha Paeth on his Masters Of Ceremony project and she has also featured as a touring vocalist with Avantasia. The girl can most certainly sing and has an impressive range and probably as much power as any other female vocalist I have ever heard. I have remarked before that she comes across as an intriguing composite of Geddy Lee, Brian Johnson and Suzi Quatro which is surely enough to whet anyone’s appetite! There is such a contrast to her voice too which can be sweet and beautiful but she also has a ‘Mr Hyde’ type alter ego where she become this death growling monster that seems to change the whole dynamic of the band and I have to admit that I’m not so keen on this aspect as I do not enjoy death vocals and growls but there are many who do and this definitely opens up a whole new ballpark for the group.

Seven Spires has recently toured with Dragonforce, Omnium Gatherum and Eluveitie so the message is most definitely spreading. As the title indicates, this is a 61-minute live album was recorded at ProgPower XXI with the band performing material from their three concept related albums with the bulk coming, not unexpectedly, from Gods Of Debauchery and two tracks from Emerald Isles and just The Cabaret Of Dreams from Solveig.

The performance is emphatic and note perfect and very, very heavy especially when Cowan goes into full-on death metal mode and there is some truly exception guitar work from Kosto to enjoy and he drives the band onwards and upwards. There is even a drum solo from the impressive Chris Dovas and if you are a fan of drums then you will be impressed and if not then simply skip forward, ah the convenience of CD! The outstanding track of the album is the 10-minute This God Is Dead which sees a guest appearance from the Conception and former Kamelot vocalist Roy Khan reprising his role on the studio version from Gods Of Debauchery and what a pairing he makes with Cowan and I’d be surprised if this two do not work together again.

This is a great live record of a band in full flow with ample variety in the music and a real sense of dangerous intent that is guaranteed to keep you entertained for an age.

Live at ProogPower USA XXI

  1. ¬†Wanderer’s Prayer (1:43)
  2. Gods Of Debauchery (6:46)
  3. Ghost Of Yesterday (4:12)
  4. The Cabaret Of Dreams (4:55)
  5. Succumb (4:22)
  6. In Sickness, In Health (4:19)
  7. Bury You (3:52)
  8. Drum Solo (3:55)
  9. Oceans Of Time (4:43)
  10. Shadow On An Endless Sea (5:29)
  11. Dare To Live (4:54)
  12. This God Is Dead (feat Roy Khan) (10:34)
  13. Through Lifetimes (End) (1:19)