November 27, 2021

There appears to be a growing trend at the Frontiers label of bands releasing digital only EPs with the live footage available to view on YouTube and Sweden’s Seventh Crystal is the latest group to get in on the act. You may recall that the band released the debut album Delirium this year and this was a very slick and sumptuous melodic rock album of quality anthemic rock with plenty of hooks to keep you entertained throughout with the band having similarities with the like of Europe, One Desire, Talisman, Treat, H.E.A.T. etc.

As should be expected, the album was full of perfectly written songs that were delivered with that most distinctive Scandinavian melodic rock sound that is so easy on the ears. This EP features seven tracks and was recorded earlier in the year at the Nordic Sound Lab in Skara, Sweden and it is nice to see the material played live which gives the songs just a little harder edge and shows that the band are very happy to crank it up and walk a little on the wild side. I was very impressed with the vocalist, Kristian Fyhr, on the debut as he has a simply gorgeous voice that is soul infused but with so much power and he has a sound of David Coverdale in his prime. His delivery on anthemic power ballads is rather exquisite but this is no mere one man band as each and every musician is a true master of his trade with twin guitarists who play deliciously fluid solos and riffs and great keyboard and piano work too. These guys all like to sing which makes for some excellent vocal harmonies and you cannot help but wish that the performance was a little longer as it is all over too soon.

The seven tracks recorded here are all taken from the album and it is nice to hear them with that special live sound that always gives an extra vibrancy to the music. Listen to the download and watch the neat performance of a band working in perfect harmony then check out the band’s debut release Delirium so see a melodic rock band that is very much on the up.


  1. Say What You Need To Say (3:57)
  2. Delirium (3:37)
  3. When We Were Young (2:56)
  4. Time To Let It Go (3:41)
  5. Broken Mirror (3:50)
  6. Bright And Clear (3:54)
  7. So Beautiful (3:31)