January 12, 2023

Having stormed onto the melodic rock scene in 2021 with their stunning debut effort Delirium, Sweden’s Seventh Crystal have announced a release date of 10th March for its follow-up, Wonderland. Kicking everything up a level, their new album sees the band once again applying their magic formula on what is a classy slab of 21st century melodic hard rock. A first single and video from the record for the song Higher Ground is available from today.

Initially founded by singer Kristian Fyhr (also of Perpetual Etude and Ginevra) as a solo project, he soon realised he wanted to involve other musicians and brought in Johan Älvsång (Pinstripe Conspiracy, Lamashtu) on keyboards/piano and Olof Gadd (Osukaru) on bass, subsequently recruiting drummer Anton Roos and guitarist Emil Dornerus. Gustav Linde joined the band as a second guitarist following the release of Delirium.

Best described as modern arena rock with melodic rock influences, Seventh Crystal have drawn comparison with fellow Scandinavian contemporaries such as One Desire and H.E.A.T. Wonderland is a must hear for fans of those artists.

Digital and CD is released on 10 March, 2023. Vinyl will be available 14 July, 2023.


  1. Wonderland
  2. Higher Ground
  3. Hollow
  4. Million Times
  5. My Own Way
  6. Imperfection
  7. In The Mirror
  8. Next Generation
  9. Someday
  10. Rodeo

Kristian Fyhr – lead vocals
Johan Älvsång – keyboards, backing vocals
Emil Dornerus – guitar, backing vocals
Gustav Linde – guitar
Olof Gadd – bass, backing vocals
Anton Roos – drums, percussion