September 8, 2020

This Swiss hard rock band has been around now since the late ’90s with Mad World being their twelfth album in what has been quite an interesting career. I’ve not followed their last couple of albums with 2011’s Back On Track being the last time I checked on them when they were on their third vocalist with John Prakesh stepping into the shoes of the sublime and gifted Mark Fox and I remember being impressed with Prakesh’s fine metal delivery. However, he left in 2014 and this allowed Mark Fox to return to the fold in 2015.

So, the musicians featuring on Mad World are Mark Fox (Vocals), Thom Blunier (Guitar), Thomas Muster (Guitar), Dominik Pfister (Bass) and Roger Tanner (Drums). These guys have a lot of history together and really are a well oiled engine when it comes to high energy rock and roll. Blunier and Muster provide the fireworks for the band and their riffing and lead attacks are blistering with Fox showing exactly why he is just so highly valued as a front man, what a voice he has. Mad World is another fine, hard rocking album from the Swiss metal masters packed to the rafters with exceptional songs which Fox expresses so well and none more so than on the wonderful ballad New Tomorrow which closes the album.

Shakra have released some great albums and I’m a little ashamed of myself for missing out on the last couple and I intend to correct this immediately. If you are a fan then you will most probably have bought this fine album already but if they are new to you then you have some delightful hard rock to discover and may I possibly suggest that you start with Mad World and work your way back, you will not be disappointed.