December 16, 2022

She Bites began life back in 2019 as a vehicle for the Berlin based singer and actress Melanie Stahlkopf and was put together by the Lioncage and ex-Skyline guitarist Lars König alongside drummer Carsten Kohl (Three Wishes) and bassist Arvid Lucas (Lioncage). The debut album Joyride proved to be an enjoyable if not essential pop/melodic rock crossover with lots of music seemingly written as an attempt too gain radio airplay. All the usual hooks but with a real bubblegum feel although Stahlkopf carried it of rather comfortably with her pleasing voice. All very ’80s and would have been a suitable soundtrack for Miami Vice, Dallas and the rest of those glitzy American TV shows of the era.

The band now returns for album number two with all of the musicians still in place but Stahlkopf has departed (not sure why) and has been replaced by fellow German singer Marion Welch. I do not know if Welch has had any input or if the songwriters have gone for a stronger, harder approach but it seems that She Bites has grown and developed into a band with a clearer sense of direction and somewhat heavier material whilst still keeping everything melodic and hook laden. Welch has a strong rock voice and a real presence having worked with people like Bobby Kimball (ex-TOTO) and Bill Champlin (Chicago) and she brings real gravitas to the project with Lars König and team taking a huge leap forward so that this does now sound like a band on a real journey rather than something simply put together for some passing guest vocalist.

With a touch of the Robin Beck about her, Welch is a real talent so if you like your AOR to be female driven and are into Heart and Roxette then this is probably for you. There’s a nice touch on the track True Love which is a duet with Dan Reed of the Dan Reed Network, the American funky rock band that had several minor hits around 1990, which could very well have been a hit if this had been done back in the ’80s. Retro AOR for sure but great fun.


  1. Eye Of The Storm (3:38)
  2. Little Song (3:36)
  3. Hunter (3:52)
  4. Running (3:58)
  5. Never Ending Story (3:21)
  6. True Love (4:10)
  7. Crazy (3:06)
  8. Super Hero (4:26)
  9. Holy Ground (3:53)
  10. Ghost (3:59)
  11. Out In The Open (3:36)
  12. Say It (3:45)