March 22, 2022

There seems to be so many releases these days by hard rock bands featuring earth shattering female vocals and so many of them operate in the symphonic and gothic rock arenas. The latest name to watch out for is SheWolf which is the new vehicle the Greek born and now UK based Angel Wolf-Black. The album cover art shows Wolf-Black in a brooding Boudicca/valkyrie type battle maiden pose with a war painted face and rams skull in hand so you immediately get the feeling that this is going to be an epic based telling of great tales of adventure and legend.

Photo: Ermes Buttolo

The music is orchestral and symphonic being a highly pleasing and evocative mixing of symphonic and folk metal with huge choruses, stirring riffs and a quite amazing powerful performance from mezzo soprano Angel Wolf-Black. If you are into Nightwish then this is definitely for you as there are great similarities between the two bands but this is not a matter of copying but more a case one band reflecting the other. The actually mythology behind the music is Greek with Wolf-Black acting out the part of The Shaman who appears to be in league with the Greek goddess Selene for a calling of wolves that occurs once every 116 year when the stars align, you have to love a concept work! You may have heard the voice of Wolf-Black previously with Bare Infinity and on the Vivaldi Music Project and, trust me, she has a voice that you will want to hear.

In keeping with the theme of the album she is ably supported by The Hunter on guitar, The Predator on bass and The Alpha on drums and what a team they make as the drums and bass have a primordial and cataclysmic power with the guitars offering up screaming and wailing riffs and searing breaks. They can tone the power down too with the beautiful Nothing Can Last Forever being an emotional piano driven power ballad and shows that this girl has the power, range and control to be a major player for years to come.

This is an immediately hitting and totally immersive symphonic metal album from an awesomely talented mezzo soprano aligned with a thrilling metal guitarist and it simply has to be heard.


  1. The One You Feed (4:21)
  2. Welcome To The Pack (4:35)
  3. Lone Wolf (5:09)
  4. Home (3:37)
  5. Moonbound (4:26)
  6. Safe In The Dark (4:11)
  7. Nothing Is Forever (4:39)
  8. My Prayer (4:54)
  9. The Thrill Of The Chase (3:59)
  10. Falling Without You (4:08)