May 17, 2021

Shevils are a hard working hardcore Scandi-rock band from OsloNorway who have been quiet on the recording scene for a little while but have been strutting their stuff since 2011. The band have previously released three full-length albums, two of which are self-released, all well received across Scandinavia but not really known in the UK. Nevertheless, they’ve built up a fearsome reputation for live performances, touring Norway extensively and playing the big festivals there such as Oyafestivalen and Trondheim Calling. Their 2015 album The White Sea was among Metal Hammer Norway’s Albums Of The Year, also getting critical praise from further afield. Their latest release is Miracle Of The Sun, and this just might get them wider recognition.

In recent years Scandinavia generally has become a hotbed of good quality rock – common elements including frenetic riffing, a fair bit of power pop / punky aggression, and pulsating live shows. Shevils have been a big part in that, sharing the stage with luminaries such as The Buzzcocks and Kvelertak. Describing themselves as post-hardcore, they’re a hard-hitting, intensely energetic foursome in the best traditions of the New Wave!

I sometimes think some of the “labels” bandied around the rock industry actually complicate things! Hardcore typically features very fast tempos, loud volume, power chords and shouted gang vocals – so it’s pretty much the same as punk.

Post-hardcore is generally more creative, breaking away from the traditional three chord thrash – but it’s basically the same as post-punk!


Applying these tags to Shevils confirms that the foursome as post punk / post-hardcore. The album features ten tracks, all of which display a relentless pace, energy and aggression. But it’s not simple wall-of-sound, there are shades of light and dark grey in here! But don’t be fooled, vocalist Anders Voldrønning is still yelling non-stop over the power chords in his attempt to personally tear down the walls! As you listen to Monsters on TV, the recent single, it strongly calls to mind the Offspring. Scandinavian Deathstar has the same vibe, and nicely captures the spirit of this lot!

Shevils are:
Anders Voldrønning: Vocals
Anders Emil Rønning: Drums, Percussion & Backup Vocals
Andreas Andre Myrvold: Guitar & Vocals
Johan Staxrud: Bass, Guitar & Backup Vocals

Miracle of The Sun certainly will excite anyone who likes punk, and also fans of thrash. The Shevils do have plenty of energy and aggression, and I can see how this will be heightened in their live shows. For me I think they still need a greater level of variety across a song-set but they’ve certainly got the potential!