September 3, 2021


A Voyage Through Time’ sees Australia’s Epic Electro Progressive Power Prog Metal titans in Voyager present a one of a kind visual and aural performance that outlines the progression of their musical career in a unique 90 minute online show.


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An online live experience with full production, a journey across 2 decades and 7 albums with set list inspired by a fan voted poll in 2020, this activity seeks to explore a new and enhanced approach to the band’s live show and to serve as a tribute to the songs that have stayed with fans over time. This is a Voyage that won’t be forgotten.

Voyager will perform oldies, goodies, and songs they will likely never play again. Don’t miss out.

Danny Estrin, vocals and keytar, says this about the show

“Voyager will return to the world stage in full force this September for a cosmic show that spans the entirety of our career. Inspired by a fan curated set list, and songs that we haven’t performed in years, we’ve executed an insane live production that displays the progression of our music over the course of two decades and seven albums. We’re here to deliver a show that is truly A Voyage Through Time. Expect Voyager live like you have never seen us before.”

Photo credit: Callan Capelli

The show will initially air on Sunday September 5th, a date which celebrates the Voyager 1 Spacecraft that was launched by NASA.

Show times:7pm AWST, 9pm AEST, 12pm BST, 1pm CET, 7am EST.

Ticket and t-shirt bundles are now on sale via Veeps.

The show will be available for rewatch if you are unable to tune in live.

Voyager appreciates your ongoing support through a time where international touring still isn’t possible, and were pleased to be able to bring you this elevated performance and to be able to make it possible for their fans around the world to tune in and witness Voyager live as you’ve never seen them before in an entertaining, magical show.