May 19, 2022

Sign X is a German hard/melodic rock band that was formed out of the Hamburg band Châlice with 2019’s debut, Like A Fire, immediately winning them many friends and marking them as a band to definitely keep in touch with their heavy yet super slick melodic metal approach. We now come to album number two with Back To Eden and it is pleasing to report that the band has pushed onwards and upwards from the debut with the new album being a truly exquisite melodic rock album. Praise indeed needs to be given to the outstanding Sebastian Zierof on vocals and guitar with superb support from Oliver Scheer on guitar and keyboards, Steve Lagleder on bass and backing vocals and drums and backing vocals from Michael Mehl. They have also been clever with bringing in a couple of quality guests too with Michel Jotzer and Andy Horn on additional keyboards plus Ronny Munroe of Metal Church, Presto Ballet and Trans-Siberian Orchestra fame contributes vocals on the track Forever King.

There is a distinct trans-Atlantic sound to the band which helps in the crucial American market and the fact that the band has a sound built out of giants like Helloween, Edguy, Masterplan, for sure a touch of Châlice and just enough of a feel of Journey to make then a rather special band with a delicious brand of melodic metal that really should appeal to just about any rock fan out there. Sebastian Zierof simply oozes star quality and his expressive, powerful and cultured voice very much drives the sound and direction of the band and there is more than enough stunning guitar work have you strapping on your air guitar. The accent, as ever, remains on melody and harmony with stunning vocal harmonies throughout and all of the usual hooks that you would expect in a seriously good melodic metal album.

The band knows how to rock but they also thrown in a couple of gorgeous ballads like Jump ‘n’ Run and all are sure to become live favourites. Zierof bares his soul and shows just how versatile he is as a vocalist and there is plenty of neat acoustic guitar and piano too to give the ballads a real atmospheric feel and a flavour of the ’80s when the rock power ballad was king.

Back To Eden is a well named album as this is a thrilling and simply gorgeous melodic rock album that is just about as perfect as it can get.

Back To Eden

  1. Back To Eden (6:19)
  2. Frozen Hell (3:35)
  3. Forever King (feat. Ronny Munroe) (5:23)
  4. Seconds (4:13)
  5. History Will Tell (4:11)
  6. Life Goes On (4:41)
  7. Into The Unknown (3:04)
  8. Afterlife (3:42)
  9. World On Fire (3:11)
  10. Jump ‘n’ Run (4:06)
  11. 3 Seconds (Piano Version) (3:11)