January 22, 2024

Silent Tiger is an ’80s influenced AOR rock band which was formed in 2018 by the Honduran musicians Jean Funes and Joel Mejia and the American vocalist David Cagle with a joint love of melodic rock being the glue that binds them together. They released the debut album Ready For Attack in 2020 with Funes proving an incredible guitarist with Mejia keeping up a rock steady beat on drums and they brought in a couple of guests to add that vital spark in bassist Andreas Passmark (WET, Royal Hunt) and Dennis Ward supplied keyboards alongside mixing and mastering duties.

The trio have again used a couple of guests on the second album with Passmark reprising his role and keyboards courtesy of Mikael Blanc of Degreed with bandmate Mats Ericsson on the mixing desk.

The album is slick and smooth and is aimed very much at fans of Europe, Survivor, Bon Jovi, Toto and Def Leppard and whilst not quite at that level yet the band is learning and if you love your AOR to be glossy, ballad driven and undemanding then there is much here to enjoy.

Cagle has a sweet and soaring voice and reminds of David Readman with Funes being a most pleasing guitarist with his neat and addictive riffs and solos making this a sweet and entertaining AOR romp.

Twist Of Fate

  1. Shadows Of Life (3:32)
  2. Twist Of Fate (4:44)
  3. Face The Night (3:34)
  4. Last Of The True Believers (5:05)
  5. Wings Of A Dream (3:58)
  6. Escape From The Fire (4:10)
  7. Place Where I Belong (4:15)
  8. Another Destination (4:02)
  9. Until I Get Home (4:05)
  10. Remember Who You Are (4:52)