April 3, 2024

Silveroller is a new and highly proficient blues rock band with a sound straight out of the lates ’60s and early ’70s blues explosion and has obviously taken influences from the classic bands Free and Bad Company and associated acts in Paul Kossoff’s Back Street Crawler and its spin-off Crawler.

At Dawn is a thrilling blues infused rock played by some brilliant musicians with wonderful guitar, delicious Hammond organ and a vocal performance from Jonnie Hodson straight out of the Paul Rodgers camp. Indeed, the subtle but paradoxically brutal blues of Free is stamped throughout the six songs on this must have EP on which the band play with a swagger and a strut that turns the clock back to those halcyon days when the airwaves were filled with pure gold.

Silveroller plays with a tightness that augers well for their prospects and if they come close to your hometown then grab the chance to see then with both hands. The guitar work of Aaron Keylock is something else and for them to produce such a quality record so early in their career is remarkable indeed, most definitely a band to keep a close check on.

At Dawn

  1. Black Crow (3:55)
  2. Hold (3:48)
  3. Ways of Saying (4:20)
  4. Turn To Gold (6:16)
  5. Other Side (4:11)
  6. Come On, Come In (5:06)