September 7, 2020

Silverthorne is a new classic rock band featuring veterans Pete Shoulder on guitar and vocals, Daniel Spree on bass and Brian Tichy on drums. Hailing from County Durham in the UK, Pete Shoulder was the vocalist with English blues rockers Winterville with a sound influenced by the ’60s British blues movement fused with elements of grunge and after the band folded he became the singer with The Union, a Thunder spin off band that also features Luke Morley and Chris Childs. Brian Tichy needs no introduction and it would most probably be easier to say who he hasn’t drummed for but stints with Whitesnake, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne and the Dead Daisies mark him as a drummer with huge talent. The final part of the trio is the American Daniel Spree who is also a member of Phil X And The Drills, the band of Bon Jovi guitarist Theofilos Xenidis.

Given the guys involved, it is probably understandable that this is classic blues influences hard rock with diverse influences but mainly they seem to be from the likes of Free, Bad Company, Whitesnake and Led Zeppelin. The EP features five tracks of high quality 70’s based classic rock but with shades of grunge/thrash/blues to give it a contemporary edge. Shoulder is an amazing guitarist and singer with a talent for infectious riffs and soaring notes whilst Tichy and Spree keeping everything tight and in place. As a sampler, this is ideal to showcase the talents of the band but the problem is that it immediately makes you want more so the debut album cannot come a moment too soon.

Tear The Sky Wide Open is a perfect example of classic rock and takes you back to a day before sub-genres when everything was more simple and rock was simply rock. Pete Shoulder is a dead ringer for Paul Rodgers and if that is not enough to sell you on Silverthorne then you are most probably beyond hope.