February 2, 2022

Swiss trad metallers Sin Starlett have been in the business for almost 17 years already, and with three solid full lengths behind their backs, are a familiar name in the genre. However, until now, they somehow fell under the radar and none of their three albums left a lasting impression or ended in the yearly best-of lists. This will now surely change, because Solid Source Of Steel is simply one of the best classic metal releases I’ve heard in the last few years. The album will be released on February 22nd by Metalizer Records and features 8 new songs packed into just under 50 minutes. The core of the band – Elias Felber (vocals) and Reno Meier (guitars) are joined by three new members for this new album and the band sounds on fire after such a long pause, almost 6 years after Digital Overload was released.

The impression that overwhelmed me during the first song was even strengthened during the duration of the album and even more with repeated listens and here it is: if you ever have wondered how Judas Priest may sound if the great, late, David Wayne (Metal Church) was their frontman, then you should hear Solid Source Of Steel. These riffs and this voice! It should be heard to be believed and I don’t mean that as a criticism to Elias. He’s doing a fantastic job. Each of the songs in this album is choke-full of heavy, meaty riffs, enormous hooks and harmony leads. One of the greatest strengths of Sin Starlett are the wonderful, very melodic and tastefully performed guitar solos by Reno and new member “Jack Tytan”. The songs flow smoothly form one to another and the quality of composition, hooks and overall performance is kept really high form the first to the last note. I don’t want to point out any specific songs, because they are all excellent and deserve praise. Another highlight in this album are the memorable choruses, which will immediately appeal to the audience when performed live. The sound and production are also impressive, but my only one remark would be that the vocals are put a bit too high in the mix (having in mind I am radical David Wayne fan, haha!).

The video for the title track is also totally old school and once again shows how much devotion and belief these guys have in what they do. Rule Or Obey, Streetlight Domino, Iron Stamina…. these are all absolute hymns and at a whole new level to everything they have created so far in the previous albums. The style is obviously the same – classic heavy metal of the Priest/ Accept school, but this time the quality and the potential for repeated plays is much better. I bet some of the riffs here are better than 90% of everything Priest have come up with in the last 30 years. So – we have another highlight of a new release coming up and the year has just started. Now, if we can just get back to normal with live performances and the world will be a better place again.


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