October 28, 2021

You may recall that last year the band Sinner’s Blood released their superb heavy metal debut album, The Mirror Star. A truly exception and mature record, it showed just how strong South American music is at the moment with the band hailing from Chile and featuring the vocal talents of James Robledo; another stunning singer and contender for the crown of the master Ronnie James Dio. The band also features the incredible musician that is Nasson on guitar, vocals and keyboards. Nasson is a truly talented producer too and an excellent singer in his own right and you may also know of his work on the second Chaos Magic album with the sensational Caterina Nix.

The band has now started work on their follow up album but in the meantime they went into the studio to record this digital EP which features six tracks from The Mirror Star and runs at 22-minutes. The whole performance has been released too for viewing on You Tube. Robledo and Nasson are on great form with the bass of Nicolas Fischer and drums of Giullermo Pereira keeping everything tight and in control which allows Nasson to lay down plenty of riffs and great solos and Robledo again showing that he is a singer taking the fast track to stardom.

The live set allows the band to have fun with the tracks and they are all perfectly delivered with the added vitality that only a live performance can give. The second album is eagerly awaited but in the meantime this is a great EP of live music to be getting along with and the anticipation levels for the album are already climbing.

Live Inside The Mirror – Live At Orange Studios

  1.  The Path Of Fear (3:24)
  2. Phoenix Rise ((3:52)
  3. Remember Me (3:06), Kill Or Die (3:39)
  4. Awakening (4:08)
  5. The Mirror (3:48)