December 9, 2021

Venous is the latest EP from this Leicester based power trio which again shows that the band has serious rock credentials and huge potential. They have previously released four independent albums and a quite sublime EP called Intra with both of these EPs showing a no nonsense British heavy rock band that writes seriously good songs with plenty of melody but all rock big time in true power trio fashion with stunning guitar, bass and drums.

SKAM has previously toured with such rock stalwarts as The Answer, Airbourne and GUN and they have listened and learned their trade very well and have elements of these fine bands in their sound as well as some of the other old school rock bands like Thunder and Inglorious. As with so many other fine bands they are part of the new burgeoning New Wave Of Classic Rock Movement and mixing with bands of a similar ilk certainly helps to hone those song writing and playing skills. Not that these three guys need to learn much in the musicianship department as they are all truly skilled with Steve Hill being a truly gifted singer and guitarist and his riffs and soloing is immense with tremendous support from the very deft bass of Matt Gilmore and incendiary drumming from Neal Hill. All three sing too which makes for some neat vocal harmonies which helps to emphasise the melodic side of their hard rock delivery.

If you like your hard rock to be short, sharp and direct with great guitar and vocals then you could do much worse that give SKAM a listen or, better still, watch out for them gigging near you. SKAM is a hard working, vital up and coming British rock band and we need more of these coming through to keep up the pressure on the old order.

Venous EP

  1. Circles (3:51)
  2. Fade Out (3:47)
  3. I’m Not The Only One (3:19)
  4. Deadliest Sin (4:16)
  5. I Didn’t Know (4:04)
  6. The Cure (4:48)