May 4, 2023

Greece has been a home for so many talented bands in all metal genres, that it becomes hard to follow the up and coming new albums. What caught my attention in this case was the totally old school cover artwork of Heartstruck, which happens to be the debut album of Skinher, a melodic heavy metal project by Haris, the keyboard player in prog metallers Hail Spirit Noir.

While the opening song You Are Next and the speedy Night Cull borrow heavily from the old Yngwie Malmsteen classics, tracks like The Maniac Is Back, He Sees You and especially Dance With The Dead are very reminiscent of Lizzy Borden’s Master Of Disguise and My Midnight Things. The music is competently composed and performed, but after the third play, the album fails to keep the attention and feels repetitive. When all has been said and done by Malmsteen, Alice Cooper and Lizzy Borden in this style before, you need much better and memorable songs to be relevant in 2023. Heartstruck, even if enjoyable, cannot make me choose it over Marching Out on a Saturday afternoon. On the other hand, it’s an honest album, that often sounds like a soundtrack to your favorite slashers from the Eighties, and I think that’s what the aim of the band was, after all.

If you know your old collection by heart and want to hear a competent new re-interpretation of the horror-inspired melodic metal classics, Skinher will grant you 36 minutes of just that.


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Heartstruck is out now and can be ordered from HERE