April 7, 2023

British pop punks So Long, Space Girl have released a video for their latest single Like A Bomb, taken from their album Your Heroes Are All Dead which was released on February 27th, 2023

Speaking about the song, frontman AJ Willis has said: Like A Bomb is a blunt metaphor for my own mental state in my darkest moments. It’s about your negative emotions taking over and swallowing you up, forcing you to watch helplessly from behind your eyes as you blow up everything around you, leaving pain and devastation in your wake. An unstable isotope of the best version of yourself.’

AJ further expanded upon this by discussing the themes of the video: ‘The concept of the video is the age old ‘band playing in a room’ with some cool artistic choices thrown in. The room is supposed to resemble a bomb shelter. There are two dolls in the room. One of the dolls is sat looking pristine and smiling, yet there’s something deeply unsettling about it. The other doll is hanging by the neck from the ceiling, dirty and desecrated with the face smashed and one eye gouged out. These dolls represent the outer facade and the inner turmoil. Most people associate nuclear radiation with the colour green, so we had the idea to make everything green with each chorus to represent the room becoming more and more radioactive.’

Formed by bassist Paul Coppock and drummer Anina Barrett in 2019. SLSG saw Willis join a short while later, as the band beavered away on a host of demos, refined their line up, and played a handful of gigs. Stuck at home due to the pandemic, they knuckled down and focused their efforts on their debut album. Stranded, which was produced, mixed, and mastered by the rather talented John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios (Reading, UK), was released to favourable reviews in July 2021.

Following some favourable coverage, including pieces in Nightshift magazine and some airtime on BBC Radio Oxford, the band decided to push things forward and recruit another guitarist to enhance their sound and live performances. This saw guitarist Rob Mauro join SLSG in early 2022.

The band then decamped back to Reading to re-enter the studio with John Mitchell to record their follow-up to Stranded. Your Heroes Are All Dead was released on February 27th, 2023, and sees the band further refine their sound. Drawing on a heavier sound, the weightier production doesn’t take away from their upbeat sound, but instead adds further gravitas.