April 6, 2020

Thank you Sölicitör. This is exactly what I needed as an escape from reality. Spectral Devastation happens to be the debut full-length player of this Seattle old school speed metallers and it delivers. Oh, yes, it does.

Sölicitör attracted the attention with their 4-song debut EP from last year, which was a display of sheer power, melody, frenetic riffing and the unmistakable vocals of front-lady Amy Lee Carlson. The style can be compared to classic Omen and Chastain, upgraded to 2020, which makes for eight songs of pure headbanging bliss, all to the point, into less than 40 minutes. While each of the songs has its own personality, they flow easily one after anotherand the album seems to end sooner than expected.

The Red Queen is absolute Omen worshipping epic, Leathür Streets has a NWOBHM riff to die for and Spectres Of War borders on thrash, but still has the charm of the US power scene. The last song Grip Of The Fist surprises with the most aggressive approach and even blastbeats! What Sölicitör are best at, and what makes this album a real winner, are the intricate melodies, the expressiveness of the vocals and the meaty, heavy guitar riffs and solos. The excellent production also underlines the wall of sound aimed at, which is one of the main differences between this album and most of the speed metal classics from the 80s, which sadly suffer from a flat production. This is definitely one of the highlights so far in 2020.

I am sure that the band’s greatest strength however is performing these songs live and that makes me all the more angry at the current situation. When everything is back to normal, don’t miss the chance to see them live. Until then – pre-order Spectral Devastation (it comes out April 24th) andsome merchandise and show them some support. You won’t regret it, I promise.


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