October 20, 2023

If you‘ve been thinking the only common thing between Sweden and epic doom metal was Candlemass, then you have been wrong for at least since 2015, when Sorcerer’s official full-length debut was released. Being from the same school of melodic, epic doom with great expressive vocals, Sorcerer released their first two demos in 1989 and 1992 before disbanding. A compilation album of their early recordings was released in 1995 but the band remained inactive until 2010. Since then, we have enjoyed three full length releases with high quality metal with the new, fourth album Reign Of The Reaper coming up via Metal Blade.

Sorcerer are still injecting their doom metal with healthy doses of power metal and thus I’ve often thought of them as the missing link between Candlemass and Tad Morose. Morning Star and the following title track start the album with a dark and gloomy mood, and with their trademark bombastic choruses, while Thy Kingdom Will Come is less doomy and more classic heavy metal in spirit. The Curse Of Medusa even invokes some vintage Kamelot in its more uptempo parts. The vocals of founding member Anders Engberg are impressive as always, but this time guitarists Kristian Niemann and Peter Hallgren often steal the show with probably their career-best performances. The solos are very good and add identity and bite to each of the songs. Unveiling Blasphemy once again paints a darker canvas, while The Underworld is more uptempo, with a heroic fists-in-the-air chorus. The closing song Break Of Dawn is probably the closest sounding to Tony Martin-era Sabbath with some absolutely crushing riffs, which would make even dark lord Iommi proud.

It should be mentioned (probably) that the album was recorded by drummer Richard Evensand, who has been replaced recently by Stefan Norgren (also in Seventh Wonder). You can hardly find a better epic doom album this year, so make a safe bet and give this beast a spin.


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Reign Of The Reaper will be out on October 27th and can be ordered from HERE