March 22, 2024

Today Italian female fronted metal band SOULS OF DIOTIMA returns with a surprise single released today to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their artistic career. The song – Another Day In Paradise – is a cover of the well-known international artist, Phil Collins.

The band comments: “This single is a kind of bonus and will not be included on our next album, so it is a stand-alone release just to celebrate our 20th anniversary and surprise our fans when we are working on our fifth album.”

“This is actually the first time we are releasing a cover song, in our twenty-year career it had never happened, so in that sense, too, we are very curious to see the reaction of our audience. But why did we choose this track? First of all, it is a tribute to that great songwriter, composer and musician Phil Collins, and then it is a tribute to the ‘last ones’. In our career, in fact, we have always paid much attention, not only with our music but with concrete actions, precisely to the ‘last ones’, to those who live on the margins of society, to those who cannot. In our opinion, in fact, those who make art but in general those who have a ‘voice’ that can be heard have a duty to call consciences to those people who are often ‘invisible’.”

The single is accompanied by a stunning official video directed by Daniele Diana.

About Souls Of Diotima

SOULS OF DIOTIMA were formed by Giorgio Pinna and his brother in Sassari, Italy in 2004 and have released four studio albums and a single under three different labels worldwide.

SOULS OF DIOTIMA is a band with a unique style, characterized by recognizable elements of traditional, progressive and symphonic metal, as well as unconventional elements, woven musically in a new and highly expressive way. The band’s music engages all the senses and conveys a feeling like watching an epic film, creating strong visual scenes and almost tangible mental images. The defining characteristic of SOULS OF DIOTIMA is their style, which recalls Mediterranean atmospheres and traditions. In fact, the band hails from Sardinia, an island in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. This makes its sound and style unique and recognizable.

The band has participated in tours and festivals abroad, headlining and sharing the stage with bands such as Obituary, Hatebreed, Vision Divine, Dgm, Folkstone, Saurom and others. Souls of Diotima have also worked with many of Europe’s top producers, including Jens Bögren and Oscar Nilsson, who is their current producer.  In 2017, SOULS OF DIOTIMA founded a record label in London: Diotima Records Music Management LTD, and the following year the band with the new label created and participated as headliners in the first edition of the Diotima Metal Fest held in downtown Paris in order to raise funds for Parkinson’s research. Soon the band will announce new dates and a new tour, while waiting to re-enter the studio for the production of their fifth album.


Claudia Barsi – vocals

Giorgio Pinna – drums

Antonio Doro – bass and screaming vocals

Fabio”The Black Mask” Puddu – guitars


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