December 2, 2021

Spirit Bomb is one of those strange ideas that could only be conceived of in France as it is a crazy and ambitious concept to combine music and art into one tight unit where they are indistinguishable from each other.

The story began in Marseille when the illustrator Pierre Lorem and guitarist Arnaud Duquesne got together to create five characters that are actually bombs and their aim is to save the world from crashing into a brick wall. The whole story is told through a comic that comes with the album with the songs interacting with the storyline as the story unfolds. Sounds crazy and maybe it is but it is difficult to fully interact when you only have the album download available and this does not include the comic. We can only comment on the music on Tight which is a wonderful rock and funk fusion that is perfectly crisp, well rounded and thoroughly complex so that you are still picking up themes and ideas even after ten plays or so; this is an album that simply keeps growing on you with each spin of the disc.

You are immediately drawn in by the warm and inviting voice of Valérian Caetano who sings and delivers in accent free English and is totally at home with each style that the music moves through be it a touch jazz, hip-hop or funk, this guy is one class act! I think that the band like a little mystery too with artists simply known as Jeremy on drums and Florentin on bass but there are some neat keyboards too and these seem to be not credited. The publicity states that the music is for fans of Rage Against The Machine and Gorillaz which I get and Led Zeppelin which, quite frankly, I do not but I would also add a couple of extra bands in the Red Hot Chili Peppers and even those old funksters Wild Cherry from the ’70s and there was far more to them than the song Play That Funky Music which is the one that everyone knows.

If your tastes run a little broader than heavy metal and you have secret relish for a little bit of funk in your life then give Spirit Bomb as listen as there is so much here to enjoy. Not sure about the comic spin-off though and it seems that more story lines are promised in 2022 so we’ll have to see how that develops but musically then Spirit Bomb has well and truly nailed it.


  1. Take It (4:41`)
  2. Come Out (3:44)
  3. Come In (5:58)
  4. Each (4:59)
  5. Bad Words (7:57)
  6. Take My Land (7:38)
  7. Brand New Scars (6:20)
  8. Intro (1:05)
  9. Break A Stick (4:33)
  10. Bababudda (3:39)
  11. When Police Riots (4:35)
  12. One Spirit One Bomb (7:28)
  13. Sandman (5:13)