March 18, 2024

Steve Logan is one of those musicians who remain below the radar but ensures that there is always a music scene for the discerning audiophile and lover of new, fresh and unpretentious rock music. Logan hails from South Wales and has built up a solid reputation as a musician of renown with intelligent, well-crafted songs with intelligent lyrics and he flits easily between rock star and troubadour territory.

Psych Ward is his sixth album to date and delivers up adult and mature rock music founded on a solid acoustic base but fully developed by a thoroughly talented team of musicians who help Logan bring his tales to life. He is an observer of life with a distinct political slant and there may be an element of protest singer about his style as he is most definitely poetic and acerbic. Logan has travelled far and wide taking his music to the masses with a delicious singer songwriter panache and he always has something to say. With an eclectic, indie approach it is obvious that Steve is most definitely influenced by Neil Young and therefore, by definition, Ian McNabb as he mixes perfectly formed acoustic works of art with more mainstream and upbeat electric rockers that all have a central core of steel that makes you sit up and listen intently.

With one of those almost perfect, lived in voices that are so redolent of a rich and experienced musical past, we need many more of these storytelling giants in our lives! Logan plays neat guitar but his fellow musicians are not name checked so praise cannot be given individually but collectively it can be and what a backing they give on this quite sublime release that Mr Young himself would be proud to name as his own. The Neil Young influences continue as Logan regularly plays acoustic slots which are then followed by electric shows with his four-piece band Geronimo and, as we all know, Young had a long and illustrious career backed by Crazy Horse.

Sometimes you need something that is a touch reflective and provoking and Steve Logan fits these moments perfectly with his tight yet sprawling songs that always engage and entertain.

Psych Ward

  1. Rock Star Slideshow (4:54)
  2. The Sky Inside Your Mind (6:17)
  3. Jesus Is My Vaccine (8:19)
  4. Orwell (5:30)
  5. Psych Ward (5:50)
  6. Dying In A mirror (5:33)
  7. Simple Pleasures (5:56)
  8. Empathy Baby (5:34)
  9. Shield Of Achilles (7:27)
  10. Finally (4:54)
  11. Jesus Is My Vaccine (Radio Edit) (3:59)