July 29, 2023

STONETRIP are stoked to announce their upcoming single I Am Tomorrow, due out on the 28th of July via Golden Robot Records.

The Melbourne hard rockers’ latest single is a loud and infectious concoction of hard rock, straight up groove with a dash of classic rock sensibilities. “I Am Tomorrow” is taken from their upcoming debut album Run Free. Produced and engineered by the renowned Australian talent, Ricki Rae, the album was meticulously crafted at Lighthill Sound Recording Studio

STONETRIP has honed their craft through thrilling performances and tours alongside legendary acts such as Rose TattooChoirboys, (TMG) Ted Mulry GangThe Black SorrowsModels, and many more

In 2021, STONETRIP‘s debut, self-titled EP released via Golden Robot Records showcased the band’s impressive versatility. From the hard-hitting rock anthems like Sideways Runaway, and Wild Hearted, which are sure to ignite audiences with their sheer energy and power, to the emotionally charged Nightmare, revealing a more introspective side, and My Angel, a classic acoustic-driven power ballad enriched with a soulful, soaring guitar solo—this EP has it all!


Golden Robot Records/Stonetrip