March 1, 2022

Stonetrip is an old school classic rock band from Melbourne in Australia. The band only formed in 2019 and has quickly build up a reputation due to some thrilling live performances and their first EP, Stonetrip, features five brilliant hard rocking tracks and a decent 20-minute run time so you most certainly get a good appreciation of what the band has to offer.

This is a classic hard rock release with a delivery that reminds very much of Bad Company, Thunder, Gun, Little Angels and even the Steve Gibbons Band making Stonetrip a band that is going to please and delight virtually every fan of classic rock. The songs are all thrill-a-minute romps built around the delicious vocals of Mark Ritchie and this is a man destined to win audiences over very quickly with his powerful voice and perfect delivery. Like any good metal band they have twin guitarists with Mick Malusa and Bruce Mountjoy forming a perfect partnership very similar to that of Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody and they trade licks and riffs delightfully with Sebastian Barahona and Con Batz, bass and drums respectively, ensuring that the power remains at maximum. The band has that delicious hard rock with a hint of blues down to perfection with some totally amazing vocal harmonies and they could quite easily be the next big sensation to come out of Australia.

The band’s full debut album is planned for later in 2022 and that is a release I am already looking forward to.

Stonetrip EP

  1. Sideways (3:34)
  2. Runaway (3:55)
  3. Nightmare (3:53)
  4. My Angel (5:04)
  5. Wild Hearted Son (3:47)