October 18, 2020

Stormburst is a melodic/AOR band from Dalarna in Sweden and Highway To Heaven is the second album since it formed in 2014 with the debut, Raised On Rock, coming out in 2017. The band was put together by bassist Kent Jansson (Six Feet Under/Keen Hue/Steam) and guitarist Thomas Hansson (Steam/Coastline) and the debut showed a mature and confident band with a talent for instantly hitting songs with perfect delivery, a charismatic frontman and crystal clear production.

So Highway To Heaven was challenged immediately as it had a pretty hard act to follow and the band has sensibly taken its time before releasing the critical sophomore album. There has been just the one change up in personnel since the release of Raised on Rock with the revised team being the duo of Jansson and Hansson with vocalist Lars-Åke Nilsson (Keen Hue), keyboard player Peter Östling (Six Feet Under) and the new drummer Pelle Hindén (Eternal Of Sweden) replacing the outgoing Peter Ytterberg. A small change but one that doesn’t make too much of a difference as the band continues with its own brand of AOR derived a little from fellow Swedes Europe and Stormbringer onwards era Deep Purple. Lots of riffs and upbeat rhythms makes Highway To Heaven a thoroughly enjoyable and easy listening melodic rock album with a great vocalist who has a touch of Coverdale and Klaus Meine about him and all sung in impeccable English which is the norm for Swedish vocalists. The album also features some great guitar work and harmonious keyboards to make this a worthy successor and one that further adds to the bands growing reputation.

The songs are all short in length but still fully developed, well crafted and straight to the point and nothing is overblown or over long which also gives the music that certain radio friendliness which should do their career no harm either.

Highway To Heaven track list

  1. Highway To Heaven (3:51)
  2. Rock n Roll Soldier (2:52)
  3. Tonight (3:44)
  4. Goin Home (3:48)
  5. Closer To Heaven (3:10)
  6. Miles Away (3:44)
  7. Who Do You Think You Are (2:48)
  8. Confidence (3:55)
  9. Run For The Light (3:35)
  10. Take Me To The Sky (2:47)
  11. Lost In The Night (3:28)
  12. Riding On The Wind (3:19)
  13. One Dream (3:10)