June 30, 2022

Summit Of The Big Low is the vehicle for solo artist Toby Uffindell-Phillips to showcase his wares with Thin Air being his debut release. Kent based Canadian Toby (it’s easier to refer to him as this rather than Uffindell-Phillips) was a member of the acoustic electronica band Sound Sanctuary is the ’00s and then moved onto being the front man with the eclectic indie pop band Burning Shapes in 2010, neither band have I previously come across before, and he has spent the last few years writing material for Thin Air. He has produced a very organic and fresh album being mainly adult pop music with an indie beat but Toby is now more in mainstream pop balladeer territory with the music showcased on this album,.

The publicity states that it should resonate with fans of Bon Iver and The Paper Kites which it should do but if you like well crafted and serene ballads as delivered by artists like Richard Marx but maybe just a little more laid back then you will really dig this very well put together album. In truth, the term that personifies the music closest is that of easy listening as the music simply flows from your speakers and washes over you with a sort of cinematic surround sound that satisfies all of your musical desires. I have actually seen the album elsewhere described as Folktronica and whoever came up with that expression is a genius as it sums up this sublime album perfectly and much better that I ever could. Toby seems to play all of the instruments with acoustic guitar and keyboards very much to the fore and his acoustic guitar work is sublime and evocative with keys giving a lush wash to everything.

Production duties have been done by Bombay Monkey who previously worked with Sound Sanctuary and between them they have produced a lovely, atmospheric album that just about every music fan can relate to.

Thin Air

  1. Kodak Sun (3:51)
  2. Tightrope (3:37)
  3. If Not Me (3:02)
  4. Clear (4:09)
  5. Slight Drop (1:45)
  6. Drawing Board (4:18)
  7. Cargo (5:16)
  8. Let Me Sleep (2:08)
  9. Parallel Dreaming (3:59)
  10. Thin Air (4:38)