November 16, 2022

I recently had the great pleasure of listening to and reviewing Pursuit Of Ends, the debut album by the Seattle based jazz band High Pulp and a real delight it is too being a melding of the jazz of Miles Davis and the fusion of Chick Corea to produce a damn near perfect modern day jazz classic. We now come to this album by the band Sunking which is a duo featuring two members from High Pulp in drummer Bobby Granfelt and keyboard player Antoine Martel. For sure, there is an element of High Pulp’s eclectic sounds in what Sunking offer on Smug which is their second album so you can expect a sublime jazz fusion music with lots of other music happening underneath so you get the fusion element for sure but also the upbeat, high-energy vibes of hip-hop and even a touch of psychedelia. Sounds a strange combination but it works with the band offering up a mammoth 19 songs with all being in the 2-minute range but they all seem so much longer given what the band crams into those 2-minutes making this a veritable cornucopia of delights. The music flows over you in wave after wave of pure pleasure as the band hits you with material that is just so diverse but also it works so well as a very cohesive whole. The sax work is sublime and thrilling with the rhythms pulsing and gyrating throughout making this a jazz album that is a little dangerous as it truly flirts with the boundaries and I imagine that should Miles Davis still be with us then he would most definitely approve of the direction that Sunking is taking jazz.


  1. Natural Monopoly (feat Beanieskimask) (2:06)
  2. Good Intentions (2:00)
  3. Bad Habits (1:43), …. Anxiiety (1:36), Inheri(past)tence (1:03)
  4. Had a Few Religious Experiences, Forgot Them All (ft Andy Morrill) (2:57)
  5. Uncle Kane 1:24)
  6. Salt Body (feat Robthesoundbank) (1:26)
  7. Isles In The Sky (ft Cyanide Haiku) (1:39)
  8. You Left Early (1:39)
  9. Glitch/Spy (1:58)
  10. 009 (Reno) (1:45)
  11. The Gun That Kills the Past (ft Robthesoundbank) (1:51)
  12. Wormhole to Andromeda (1:00)
  13. Hakim Warrick (1:30)
  14. ESP (1:26)
  15. My Mind is an Oven (2:04)
  16. Black Friday (feat Greg Kramer) (1:26)
  17. Send More Chuck Berry (1:59)