July 29, 2021

Sunrise is a power metal band from the Ukraine with Equilibria being the fourth full length release from them and this is the first time that I have heard anything of their work but this album definitely shows that much closer examination of the earlier music is well overdue. It’s quite obvious that the band has looked towards Germany for musical inspiration and what we have here is a fast and exciting power metal album very similar to the work being done by the likes of Mad Max, Bonfire and Freedom Call plus there are elements of Stratovarius and Blind Guardian too.

The band was formed in Kiev in 2003 and has previously been successful with crowd funding to raise the finance for earlier albums and they are looking for similar with this new album so it might be a case of the band looking to refill empty coffers. I’ve since listened to some of the earlier albums and they all show a bombastic and hard hitting power metal band with just a touch of symphonic rock too and they may be a little rough at the edges but they are still learning and delivering some very energetic and frenetic power metal in the process.

It seems that band leader Konstantin ‘Laars’ Nauenko is not afraid the wield the axe in the chase for power metal perfection with the band being virtually a new set of musicians since Absolute Clarity was released in 2016 with the new set up being something of a work in progress. Laars Nauenko is the bands vocalist and he has a tremendously powerful and soaring voice that is really distinctive and he sounds like one of those elemental singers who doesn’t need any external amplification such is the output of his prodigious lungs! It also seems that he is slightly changing the direction of the band as this album seems Daria Nauenko taking a more prominent role within the team as she supplements her rather splendid keyboard work by adding additional vocals which helps to give an extra dimension to the band’s sound. Laars remains the main vocalist and this new album mainly sees Daria in the role of supporting singer rather than mere backing vocals but it seems that the plan is to push her forward maybe even to co-vocalist for future albums which should prove to be a very interesting move for the band.

The amazing guitar on the album is courtesy of four guests who remain unnamed in the promo download but all of their work is impeccable from huge riffs through to the usual searing guitar lead breaks. Further contributors are not credited either although the Slovak vocalist Mayo Petranin is involved in the album too. Overall, the band has a sound similar to those already mentioned above plus others like Sonata Arctica and this new album should win many new friends.

Sunrise has not reached peak performance yet but once the rough edges are sorted and a stable line-up is in place then it should be a very formidable band indeed.

Equilibria track list

  1. Wings Of The Dreamer (5:30)
  2. Equilibrium (4:21)
  3. We Are The Fire (4:45)
  4. Wild Swans (4:33)
  5. Call My Name (5:51)
  6. Unbroken Dreams (5:25)
  7. Life Is A Journey (feat. Mayo Petranin) (4:21)
  8. The Only Reason (4:22)
  9. The Bridge Across Infinity (5:46)
  10. The Shadow (4:58)
  11. The Bell (4:22)
  12. Nightingale (4:53)
  13. Rebel Yell (5:36)