April 22, 2021

Prominent Ukrainian power metal act SUNRISE presents the second single Equilibrium from the upcoming 4th full-length album Equilibria, which will be released on May, 18th.

The song sets the main sound conception of the upcoming album: powerful, assertive, aggressive, and melodic at the same time; it opens the new music approach of SUNRISE and shows a catchy combination of modern metal, power metal, electronic elements, and progressive structures built on drum’n’bass foundation.

Here you can notice the influence of such bands like Amaranthe and System Of A Down. Moreover, with Equilibrium SUNRISE continues to provide the conception of two vocals – male and female, unusual for the band’s previous works, but started with The Bridge Across Infinity – the first single from the new album – a year ago.

The band says that the lyrics of the song disclose the main idea of the album’s name: it is about the balance of different elements of life: good and evil, light and darkness, joy and pain, black and white, sweet and bitter; the main conception of the album introduces Equilibria as some kind of knowledge given from some higher space mind.

Along with the release of the new album, a music video for the Equilibrium will be released, a kind of announcement of which is represented by the cover of the new single.

The 4th full-length album of the Ukrainian power metal band will be released on May, 18th under the title ‘Equilibria’ and will include 13 songs. On their new release SUNRISE, mostly known for the sound highly valued by the fans of Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius, promises far more than its classical musical approach, mixing on it classic power metal, symphonic, epic, modern, and progressive metal with some experimental touches, such as traditional Ukrainian instrument bandura. The first single from the album, The Bridge Across Infinity, was released in 2020. It is based on Richard Bach‘s novel and is one of the songs, which is experimental for the band and represents the progressive part of the album.

To release a new album SUNRISE has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the band’s website, where the fans can support the release by pre-ordering it or buying merch.