January 18, 2021
Photo: by Channel 9 Studio

Sunstorm is a project created and overseen by Frontiers president Serafino Perugino and was originally designed to showcase a musical style similar to the melodic rock/AOR roots of vocalist Joe Lynn Turner. After five successful releases, Sunstorm is now a vehicle for one of the most impressive vocal talents to emerge in recent years – Ronnie Romero, also of Lords of Black and Rainbow.

Given Turner‘s desire to work on heavier music styles away from the original direction envisaged by Perugino and much loved by Sunstorm fans, it appeared that the project might be at an end. However, knowing that new music being crafted would elevate it to the forefront of the scene, Perugino decided to keep it alive, with the powerhouse singer Romero a natural choice to replace the formidable Turner.

With producer Alessandro Del Vecchio on regular song writing duty, the brand new Afterlife will take many in the rock fraternity by surprise! For the very first time, Ronnie Romero enters the realm of melodic hard rock…with outstanding results!

On joining Sunstorm, Romero states: “For me, it is very special to take part in this album as it has always been one of my favourite Frontiers projects. To accept the huge task and responsibility of replacing JLT is a challenge I just couldn’t pass up! Working with Alessandro was also fantastic. There are strong and very melodic songs throughout the record and I’m pretty sure Sunstorm fans are gonna love every track, as do I. Especially the singles, with Swan Song probably being my personal favourite. It is a very melodic song, with a lot of backing vocals, which is something that I always wanted to do, as it is a special and different approach on the vocal production side for me. The band sounds fantastic, too, and I can’t wait for the fans to listen to the album! At this point, it’s cranking in my car everyday. : )”

Adds Del Vecchio: “Swan Song is a very special song for me. Maybe you write a song or a letter or whatever and it’s you conveying your instinct that something that will happen in the future? Like a future you are envisioning through your words? Here’s what this song is about. Anybody can relate to losing a friend or breaking up in a relationship and crying out your own swan song. I honestly think this is one of the best songs Simone [Mularoni, guitars] and I have ever written together, and it showcases the melodic and emotional side of Ronnie‘s voice and Simone‘s best soloing on top of a very inspired band. I couldn’t be happier that Frontiers chose this song as the first single. The perfect bridge into our future as a band. Melodic, deep, inspired and anthemic. This is Sunstorm at its best!”

Afterlife track listing

1  Afterlife
2  One Step Closer
3  Swan Song
4  Born Again
5  Stronger
6  I Found A Way
7  Lost Forever
8  Far From Over
9  Here For You Tonight
10  Darkest Night
11  A Story That You Can Tell

Ronnie Romero – vocals
Simone Mularoni – guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards, backing vocals
Nik Mazzucconi – bass
Michele Sanna – drums