March 29, 2021

It seems MANIMALS’s goals have always been to write songs that they love and believe in. “The challenge is to make a song with strong hooks without being too predictable. It`s just a bonus when we realize that people around the world seem to have the same good taste in music that we have,” frontman Samuel Nyman once said

Inspired by Rob Halford, Geoff Tate or Michael Kiske among others, Nyman‘s voice oozes aplomb and pure passion, blending perfectly with the intelligent song writing, courtesy of guitarist Henrik Stenroos, a true riff icon whose hooks and licks provide the foundation for MANIMAL’s songs. Equally important for the group’s typical flair are drummer André Holmqvist and bassist Kenny Boufadene. Holmqvist has a tight, powerful drum style that comes surprisingly close to paragons such as Tommy Lee and Mike Portnoy while Boufadene is also in charge of mixing MANIMAL’s new album and produces his band’s videos at his Studio Meltdown in Sweden.

Blessed with such diverse talents and like all of their previous albums, MANIMAL once again produced the upcoming record themselves. “Mainly because we like to have full control of the production. We’re control freaks to the bone and the thought of putting our creations into the hands of an external producer simply scares us,” Nyman confessed earlier. ”I’m really proud we’ve manage to create yet another great album together.” Henrik Stenroos continues. “And it’s been a team effort indeed. All four of us has put so much soul and effort into everything from song writing to recording, with the result of a really heavy and all through awesome sounding album without any fillers what so ever. The fans of our previous works will not be disappointed.”

One can be sure, with this just released first album single, MANIMAL manages to leave us with a hunger for more. And with many more album details, news and album singles to follow in the months ahead, Autumn 2021 couldn’t be here soon enough!

Samuel Nyman – Vocals
Henrik Stenroos – Guitars
Kenny Boufadene – Bass
André Holmqvist – Drums