September 8, 2021

THE SONIC OVERLORDS have unleashed the music video for their new single, Eternal Heroes. The track is another taste of the melodic rock majesty and thunderous doom to come later this year – while also showing off the band’s more progressive-metal influences – with the release of the Swedish quartet’s debut album, Last Days of Babylon, now set for release on October 22nd from M-Theory Audio. In the meantime, pre-orders for CD and digital editions are now live and the video can be seen below.

Says guitarist Morgan Zocek, “This is a rather special song for us as it is written together with Apollo Papathanasio (who is responsible for most of the lyrics and the song melodies) whom most people know as the singer of SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, one of my absolute favorite bands! The song also stands out a bit, with its clear neo-classical influences, inspired by early Yngwie Malmsteen and Symphony X. We’re REALLY proud of this one!”

THE SONIC OVERLORDS are also set to unleash their power on the live stage, performing as part of Viking Line’s Rock at Sea Hårdrock cruise on November 19th, traveling from Stockholm, Sweden to Mariehamn in the Åland Islands, alongside fellow Swedish rockers such as Mustasch, Thundermother, and more. More information on the Rock at Sea Hårdrock cruise can be found on the official website.

The first single from THE SONIC OVERLORDS, In My Darkest Room, was released in October 2020. That song gained rock radio airplay throughout Scandinavia and spread through mainland Europe, the US and Australia as DJs and programmers were drawn to the group’s combination of powerful doom riffs and the epic and melodic majesty of ‘late ’70s/early ’80s heavy rock with influences from the likes of Dio/Martin-era Black Sabbath, Rainbow, early Candlemass, Yngwie J. Malmsteen/Rising Force, Scorpions and MSG. The band’s blend of power, darkness, and musicality was recognized by former Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin via a shout-out to In My Darkest Room on his social media channels. The music video for In My Darkest Room – also directed by Per Andersson – can be viewed below.

THE SONIC OVERLORDS followed up the release of that single by signing with M-Theory Audio at the beginning of 2021, and began putting the finishing touches on their debut album, Last Days of Babylon. The album features nine tracks powered by the group’s sonically wicked brew, including In My Darkest Room and Utopia, the band’s second single which was released in May 2021, backed by a music video directed once again by Andersson that can be viewed below. The CD version of Last Days of Babylon also features a guest appearance by Tony Martin, who provides vocals for Past the End of Time, a re-imagining of Sands of Time, an original song by the band that is featured on the main record.

THE SONIC OVERLORDS were founded in 2017 by Swedish rock guitarist Morgan Zocek. He began jamming with various musicians and writing songs inspired by classic hard rock of the late 1970s and early 1980s, but with a more modern approach to the production and sonics. The full sound of THE SONIC OVERLORDS began to solidify with the addition of Per Soläng on drums in 2018. This was followed by the addition in 2020 of vocalist Marcus Zachrisson Rubin, who had been playing with Zocek in an Ozzy Osbourne cover band for many years, and the rumbles of new bassist Daniel Ramírez.

More news on THE SONIC OVERLORDS and their debut album, Last Days of Babylon, will be unveiled in the weeks ahead on their Facebook page and via M-Theory Audio.

Marcus Zachrisson Rubin – Lead Vocals
Morgan Zocek – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Per Soläng – Drums
Daniel Ramírez – Bass/Backing Vocals

The Sonic Overlords online:

M-Theory Audio website