May 26, 2023

Swiss hard rockers SHAKRA release new album Invincible on 9th June, out on AFM Records.

Flashback: February 2020. The SHAKRA album Mad World is released, and the band is ready for all mischief. And suddenly the world stands still. As if someone had pulled the plug. Just like that. There was a need for a deep breath. But: What do you want to do? It is the way it is. 

The Way It Is. Well, we can’t go out on stage. But writing new songs? That’s possible. And while something invisible and sinister is going on out there, massive waves of sound are unfolding in the studio. The Matrix Unfolds! BPM 210, full throttle. With Thom Blunier on lead guitar in top form! That’s what it must sound like! While outside the madness rages on. Are we immortal? No. Invincible? No, probably not either. However, in the heads it is fixed: You are Invincible! It’s always about not letting yourself be defeated, regardless of what comes your way. But of course, often enough it goes with the devil in this world, then we already let the hell bells ring: The Devil Left Hell! SHAKRA at its best.


  1. The Way It Is
  2. The Matrix Unfolds
  3. Invincible
  4. The Devil Left Hell
  5. On The Wild Side
  6. Old Irish Song
  7. Tell Her That I’m Sorry
  8. As I Lay Down To Sleep
  9. House Of Rock
  10. Walls Of Hate
  11. Between The Lines
  12. As Long As I’m Alive

And then: Even if we all sit at home, we remain restless, curious – and wild! On The Wild Side takes you directly on the highway of life, towards the sun, the hair in the wind. This is what freedom feels like. This is pure rock’n’roll! The airplanes stay on the ground in these times, but a little musical journey north is still possible: The Old Irish Song is born. A cool contrast to the two previous tracks. Take a breather. Reflect. You have to deal with a little heartbreak now and then. OK – Tell Her That I’m Sorry. And then you just lay down and do nothing. As I Lay Down To Sleep. A wonderful, soulful ballad to melt away to. You can feel Mark Fox‘s voice right under your skin… 

These months we are not allowed to rock the stages that rule the world, but someday it will start again, then we’ll let it rip even harder: Let’s build a House Of Rock! This song will bring us back to the concert halls and it will let us simply fade out all the mischief out there, which often turns into real Walls Of Hate. This band is far from being at its end, that becomes as clear as day with Invincible! Not only Between The Lines is to be read, but rather quite concretely this album shows: The boys of SHAKRA are still in full steam and have still some tricks up in their sleeves. But let’s ask Fox himself how long he wants to do this: “You mean the Rock’n’Roll thing? Well – As Long As I’m Alive!” We’re happy to leave it at that! 


Vocals: Mark Fox 
Lead Guitar: Thom Blunier 
Rhythm-Guitar: Thomas Muster 
Bass: Cyril Montavon 
Drums: Roger Tanner

SHAKRA online: