June 20, 2020

Syteria is a mainly female rock band from Yorkshire, England and put together by Jackie Chambers, the lead guitarist with Girlschool in1999. Syteria released their debut EP in 2016 and followed this the following year with their debut album, Rantobot, both of which were independent releases and showed a fast and furious kick-ass rock band. They are very much inspired by the punk/new wave movement being fast, frenetic and full of life and energy. Keeping with the new wave feel, the songs are short and sharp and all running around the 3-minute mark with not a note is wasted.

Jackie Chambers has retained the Argentinean brother and sister pairing of Julia and Pablo Calvo on lead vocals and drums respectively although Julia now seems to go by the more esoteric name of Julia Vocal. Bassist Keira Kenworthy has left the band to be replaced by Steph Dawson and she has blended smoothly with the team. The musicians try not to make the music too complicated and there is no over fussiness on display here, just an intention to deliver infectious and toe tapping rock with vitality, vigour and harmonies aplenty. The material is short and immediately accessible and there is definite crossover appeal in much of their material. Chambers excels on guitar and provides some lovely solos whilst Julia Calvo has a great rock voice and this is the driving force behind the band.

This is a short, sharp yet incisive rock album full of upbeat melodies that you will find yourself humming for the rest of the day; it remains uncomplicated and unconstrained good time rock.