Tranzat – Ouh La La (Klonosphere records)

Please! - If there's one thing you view whilst musing over the pages of Velvet Thunder tonight, I urge you to watch the two zany videos appended to these brave words! This could just be the wackiest release of 2022! Ouh La La is the creation of four entertaining, loopy, thirty-somethings with a weird taste..

Dutch alt-rock innovators GGGOLDDD announce fifth studio album “This Shame Should Not Be Mine”

GGGOLDDD have released four previous studio albums to widespread critical acclaim, and have caught the eye of international media with their dark, hypnotic take on pop/rock. The band embrace experimentalism and are unrestrained by genre boundaries within their work. GGGOLDD have toured with bands as diverse as Converge and New Model Army, and performed at..

Helsinki Horizon – Signal Flares

Helsinki Horizon is, at its core, a trio of Norwegian art-rock musicians formed by bassist Snorre Hovdal back in 2014. Snorre also plays keys and guitar, ably abetted by Eivind Fjøseide on guitar and Geir Knarbakk on drums. Snorre had been writing conceptual cinematic sound track instrumentals for some time, collaborating in composing several "1..

A Day In Venice – Lights EP

Listen up, this is a lovely little EP, nicely composed, lovely playing, a complete surprise! A Day in Venice is actually a one-man-band, aka Andrej Kralj, a multi-talented artist from Trieste, Italy. Andrej is a clever chap, he's a painter, poet and music producer; and has also been creating music and has published three albums under the 'ADIV'..