Hit The Ground Runnin’ – Sudden Impact (AOR Heaven)

Hit The Ground Runnin' is a Canadian melodic rock band, based out of Philadelphia, which was formed in 1985 and originally operated under the name of Free Delivery but this was quickly changed in 1986. The debut album, Sudden Impact, came out in 1989 and established the band as purveyors of very high quality smooth..

Tony Mitchell – Hot Endless Summer Nights (AOR Heaven)

Tony Mitchell is one of those journeymen musicians who garner little praise but are absolutely essential to the music business being renowned session men and live musicians working on an almost guitar for hire basis. He has been involved with and played with many bands over the years and was the singer and songwriter in..

Six Silver Suns – As Archons Fall (AOR Heaven)

Six Silver Suns is a new Finnish rock band put together by a number of stalwarts from the Finnish rock scene with Markku Kuikka on vocals, Toni Bite and Harri Petjakko on guitar, Janne Mannonen on drums, Teo Lehto on bass and Sammy Taberman on keyboards. Together, they have put together an album that pretty..

Osukaru – Starbound (AOR Heaven)

Osukaru is a Swedish rock band which formed around 2010 with Starbound being album number six - not counting the independent release GBG2LA in 2010. The band was formed by the guitarist Oz Hawe Petersson - also known as Oz Osukaru - and it appears that he has remained the constant in the band with..

Peter H. Nilsson – Sign Of Myself (AOR Heaven)

Peter H. Nilsson is a Swedish guitarist who has been present on the rock scene for many years and has built up quite a reputation as a guitar player of great skill and a talented songwriter too. He released his first solo album, Little American Dream, in 2019 which probably would correctly lead you to..

M.ILL.ION – Back On Track (AOR Heaven)

Those with long enough memories may recall the Swedish hard melodic rock band with the rather odd name of M.ILL.ION which was formed in 1989 and released seven rather fine rock albums before splitting in 2014. The band was formed by bassist B J Laneby being a hard working musician with a definite plan for..

Newman – Into The Monsters’ Playground (AOR Heaven)

The British singer, guitarist and songwriter Steve Newman formed the band Newman back in 1997 with the intention for it to be a melodic rock band inspired by the past but looking to the future and with the songs to be progressive, hook laden, melodic and incisive. This ethos has obviously stood him in good..

Nitrate – Renegade (AOR Heaven)

Nitrate is a band I have not come across before with Renegade being the third album to date. The group was formed in 2015 in Nottingham, England by guitarist and keyboard player Nick Hogg to play melodic hard rock that was mainly '80s inspired with a lead taken from the likes of Def Leppard, Europe..

Stephen Crane & Duane Sciacqua – Big Guns (AOR Heaven)

Stephen Crane is an American musician with Kicks (reviewed on Velvet Thunder in April 2021) initially being released in the '80s and despite some most excellent musicians involved it received little or indeed no help from the record label and subsequently passed into history as little more than a curio. However, AOR Heaven has rescued..