Devils In Heaven – Rise (AOR Heaven)

A trip back in time now to the mid-'80s for the Tasmanian rock band Devils In Heaven. As with so many others, the band originally began life as a covers band but when they left Launceston in 1989 to move to Northern Queensland they began mixing in original songs amongst the covers and learned their..

King Company – Trapped (AOR Heaven)

Any new release by Finland's King Company is to be welcomed with the band's new third album very much continuing the most exciting and superior metal exhibited on One For The Road from 2016 and Queen Of Hearts from 2018. The band has now moved from the Frontiers label to AOR Heaven and those at..

Tuple – Welcome To Hell (AOR Heaven)

Tuple is the solo vehicle for the singer Tommi Salmela with Welcome To Hell now being his second album following on from Wooden Box which was released in 2020. Salmela is a well known name on the Finnish rock circuit having previously worked with Tarot, Lazy Bonez and a founder member of Raskasta Joulua which..

Proud – Second Act (AOR Heaven)

Proud is a melodic rock band that was originally formed in Landskrona in Sweden in 1982 although the roots seem to go back to 1980 and they have operated under several names including Savages, Burn and Masquerade before settling on Proud from 1984 onwards. This was the year that saw the band release the debut..

Michael Fury – Affairs In Babylon (AOR Heaven)

Confusingly, Michael Fury is not an individual but the name of the band which was formed in 1979 by singer Myles Hunter formerly of the Canadian band Avalon, guitarist Rob Kennedy and bassist Martyn Jones with the name of Michael Fury being chosen as he was, apparently, a character in the James Joyce story The..

FarCry – Balance (AOR Heaven)

A name new to me but FarCry is an American melodic rock band which was formed in 2006 and is, apparently, from 'North-eastern' United States; now I have looked at a map of America and it is quite large so a little more detail on location would have been appreciated! However, I suppose location in..

Escape – Fire In The Sky (AOR Heaven)

Escape is a British melodic rock band which formed in 2011 with the members located in the Black Country (the traditional manufacturing heart of the UK based around Dudley and Tipton) and West Yorkshire. They produced two fine hard yet melodic rock albums before the band went into hibernation mainly because of the logistical difficulties..

Brian Island – Brian Island (AOR Heaven)

Brian Island (aka Brian Cowieson) is a Canadian singer and bass player with his one and only solo album being this self titled and now available again work which originally dates back to the very late '80s. It seems that Island performed in a rather clever and often well regarded AOR band, Prototype, which was..

Winding Road – Winding Road (AOR Heaven)

The latest addition to the ever expanding list of fine Swedish hard hitting melodic rock bands is Winding Road which only began life in 2018 and this self-titled album is their very mature and perfectly balanced debut. The two founding and well established musicians Magnus Åkerlund (Blender) and Jan Hedlund (Coastline, Eagle Down) got together with..

Stephen Crane – Kicks (AOR Heaven)

Stephen Crane is not a name I know or even remember from the '80s when this album initially came out but he is an American singer, song writer and bass player from Wichita Falls, Texas. For sure, the album screams '80s as loud as it possibly can as the sound and production is so very..