Rob Moratti – Paragon (AOR Heaven)

The Canadian vocalist Rob Moratti may already be known to you as the singer with fellow Canadian band Saga between 2008 and 2011 and he supplied the vocals on The Human Condition album. He also was the voice on the four albums put out by AOR band Final Frontier as well as having his own..

Atlas – Parallel Love (AOR Heaven)

Atlas is a relatively new British melodic rock band from Manchester and has already released an EP in 2017 and the full debut In Pursuit Of Memory in 2018. This means that Parallel Love is that important second album and the band have spent a lot of time in the studio making sure that it..

Trishula – Time Waits For No Man (AOR Heaven)

Trishula is a rather fine melodic rock band put together by most talented duo of guitarist Neil Fraser and singer Jason Morgan, two musicians with a wealth of experience between them with Morgan singing with the band Orangefall and also supplying backing vocals on Magnum's latest album The Serpent Rings and Fraser playing and/or recording..

Tanna – Storm In Paradise (AOR Heaven)

Tanna is a melodic rock band from Finland with quite a history behind it having initial being formed in the mid-'80s by the singer and guitarist Tapani 'Tanna' Tikkanen. The debut, Unelmien Viidakossa was released in 1985 with a live album following it up shortly afterwards and the final studio album, Onnensoturi, being put out in..

Stormburst – Highway To Heaven (AOR Heaven)

Stormburst is a melodic/AOR band from Dalarna in Sweden and Highway To Heaven is the second album since it formed in 2014 with the debut, Raised On Rock, coming out in 2017. The band was put together by bassist Kent Jansson (Six Feet Under/Keen Hue/Steam) and guitarist Thomas Hansson (Steam/Coastline) and the debut showed a mature and confident band..

Newman – Ignition (AOR Heaven)

The British singer, guitarist and songwriter Steve Newman formed the band Newman in 1997 as a melodic rock band with an emphasis on hook laden songs with precise and incisive lyrics. By my reckoning, Ignition would now be album number 15 (if you include the Decade compilation album from 2008 which included a disc of..

Arkado – Never Say Never (AOR Heaven)

Arkado is a melodic rock band from Ödåkra, Helsingborg, Sweden. They were founded as far back as 1983 and were originally known as BB2 (Better Be Together) and - interesting fact alert - they recorded a single that the local football club, Ödåkra IF, still play at every match to this day. It takes me..

Return – V (AOR Heaven)

Another quick jump in the time machine takes us back to the '80s when several fledgling Norwegian bands were just starting out with bands like TNT and Stage Dolls gaining international recognition but it just did not seem to happen for Return, a melodic rock band out of Stange, Hedmark. Whilst not gaining the recognition..