Arc Of Life – Don’t Look Down (Frontiers Music)

I guess that most have already picked up on the supergroup that is Arc of Life but if it is a new name then all you really need to know is that they sound incredible like the progressive rock giants Yes. This is hardly surprising given the musicians involved with Jon Davison on vocals, Jimmy..

ARC OF LIFE : ‘Don’t Look Down’ – second album by progressive rock luminaries out 18 November 2022 via Frontiers

Arc Of Life is a progressive rock group featuring vocalist Jon Davison, bassist/vocalist Billy Sherwood, drummer Jay Schellen, keyboardist Dave Kerzner and guitarist Jimmy Haun. The second album by the quintet, 'Don't Look Down, will be released on 18th November, with a first single from it entitled All Things Considered available from today. Davison and..

ARC OF LIFE – Arc Of Life (Frontiers)

Every new album which comes out has to be judged first and foremost on its own merits, it goes without saying. However, there are some releases whose significance make it impossible not to factor in to any assessment such things as how it is likely to appeal to the target audience, and how it fits..

ARC OF LIFE (Yes-related) – Debut Album Out Now

ARC OF LIFE's self-titled debut album is out now.  Arc Of Life is a new progressive rock supergroup featuring three members of the current YES line-up, vocalist/guitarist Jon Davison, bassist/vocalist Billy Sherwood and additional drummer Jay Schellen. On keyboards, one of the most interesting talents in the “new” progressive rock scene in the US, Dave Kerzner (Sound of..