Reveal – Still Alive (Art Gates Records)

Reveal is a Spanish/Swedish hard rock/power metal band with Still Alive being their third album following on from 2017's debut Timeline and follow up Overlord in 2019. It's taken several years for the third record during which time they appear to have become a little heavier and probably more hard rock than power metal with..

Existence Depraved – Dissonant Image (Art Gates Records)

Existence Depraved is a Finnish power metal band which was formed in 2018 by singer and guitarist Toni Tieaho and has released several singles and an EP in 2019 but this is now the band's full debut release. All the musicians are stalwarts of the Finnish metal scene with Tieaho supplying vocals, guitar and keyboards,..

Xeno – Sojourn (Art Gates Records)

Xeno is a Dutch progressive/death metal band which began life in 2011 with the debut Atlas Construct, coming out in 2016. Sojourn is the band's latest release which was released in 2020 so is not a new record by any means but is very worthy of mention despite its age. I have not heard the..