ASIA – PHOENIX: Double Vinyl Reissue (BMG)

Leaping out of the traps as if the band are rushing from confinement with joyful abandon, Never Again combines energy, power and a memorable melody with sharp lyrical content in a way that could have Heat Of The Moment going through a mid-life crisis and questioning its life choices... Asia are a band with whom..

ASIA – Live At The Budokan, Tokyo, 1983 (BMG)

Whatever else might be happening in the world at present, now is currently a good time if you’re a fan of Asia, because following on from last autumn’s 5-CD boxset of Asia gigs from 1982-2008 comes a sumptuously packaged boxset release of the band's 6 December 1983 gig at the Budokan, comprising 2 CDs, featuring..

ASIA – The Official Live Bootlegs, Vol. 1 (BMG)

Looking for something different, as the times were most definitely a-changing in 1981, four stellar talents - Geoffrey Downes (keys), Steve Howe (gtr), Carl Palmer (drums) and John Wetton (bass & vocals) - formed what was then described as a ‘supergroup’ and, in 1982, they hit the ground running with their eponymously titled debut album,..

Steve Howe – Homebrew 7 (HoweSound)

Delicate, quirky, melodic, dreamy, sentimental... and timeless. There's a warm comfort to delving into an entry in Steve Howe's now quarter century-running Homebrew series; a kind of low-key, casual examination of his personal tape archives and home recordings that acts as a companion to the more polished studio albums of his catalogue. Homebrew tracks don't..