Wytch Hazel Drops “Strong Heart” Promo Video ahead of  new LP, ‘IV: Sacrament’, released June 2nd

Photo: Sam Cott Hunter. Ascending British hard rock sect, Wytch Hazel, will release its new album, Wytch Hazel IV: Sacrament, on June 2 via Bad Omen Records. Recorded with longtime producer Ed Turner (Purson), and tracked in a converted Baptist chapel in rural Wales, the record is a resounding achievement and glittering treasure chest that builds on the momentum..

Birth – Born (Bad Omen Records)

This album will certainly be a joy to prog fans of a certain age, or to younger folk who admire those early ‘70s prog bands. In 1966, Iron Butterfly - one of the seminal bands in the development of heavy rock music - came out of San Diego. But, from then onwards the city has..