Barclay James Harvest – Once Again (Cherry Red / Esoteric)

Once Again is undoubtedly an essential album in any rock fan’s collection, so this box set is an opportunity for younger rock enthusiasts to discover one of the hidden classics or for seasoned admirers to jump in……once again. Over recent years Esoteric have been doing a fabulous job of remastering, remixing and issuing comprehensive editions..

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST – Barclay James Harvest And Other Short Stories Deluxe Edition (Esoteric)

When Barclay James Harvest came to record this, their third album, in 1971, they were under some significant pressure, it must be said. Their previous album, the breakthrough Once Again, had featured two lengthy tracks among its number, including their evergreen and immediately popular Mockingbird. As always when following up a significant success, there was..