Plenty – Enough (Burning Shed)

In the music world there are plenty of stars and then there are far fewer real stars and they have that certain vitality or force about them that commands your attention immediately and any release by them is an essential purchase. You automatically know that whatever they produce, regardless of whichever genre they flit to..

PLENTY : ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ – Art rock trio fronted by Tim Bowness of No-Man ‘borrow’ country classic – from new album out 25 June 2021 via Burning Shed

Plenty - 1988 photo: Robert Whitrow Plenty originally formed in Liverpool in the mid-'80s as a post-punk/art rock hybrid and were fronted by singer Tim Bowness, who subsequently hooked up with multi-instrumentalist Steven Wilson in 1987 to found No-Man. Having reunited for the well received It Could Be Home in 2018, the trio will release..